Probable Peak Plan

From 2015 to 2018 I flew back and forth about two dozen times from the San Francisco airport to the Seattle airport to visit Allison. On each of those flights I tried to get a right-hand seat on the flight north and a left-hand seat on the flight south, so that I would get to watch the Cascade volcanoes as they passed by my window. It seemed like it would make for such a beautiful trip to drive north and ski as many of the volcanoes as possible, but at the time I didn’t know how to ski (backcountry) and on top of that I had just sold my snowboard.

Thanks to Tom’s timely intervention in 2017 I finally got to experience backcountry and it clicked: all the joy of hiking to the summit without any of the pain of walking back down to the car! Eye opening. I got the backcountry skiing bug and with a lot of practice trips up smaller peaks it feels like now is the moment to try and ski all the volcanoes.

Skiing with Tom in Lake Tahoe

Hope you’ll follow along!